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Shift Schedule

Who is this app for?


For workers

First of all - for shift workers. When you work in standard 5/2 week, you will have opportunities to mark you holidays, sick leaves  and vacations.


For family; UX

Those who have family members who working on a schedule that differs from the standard 5/2. The program will help to build joint plans.


For friends

Want to see  friends more often?Be aware of their schedules. Plan your meeting effectively.

Why Shift Schedule?

Periodic and personal schedules

Both periodic and customised personal schedules are available. Use personal schedules to set vacations, additional days off, sick days.

Smart Alarm Clock

Alarm is connected to your schedule. You needn't setup it each time before day shifts cycle.

Convenient presentations

The schedules can be viewed in different modes. You also can combine several schedules on one screen to looking for matching shifts.


Paint your shift calendar in desired colors. Set up its appearance as you want.

Handy Widgets

Several widgets allows get access to information more quickly.


Make export of your shfit rosteer into PDF, Google Calendar, Excell. You even are able to create a beautiful wall calendar.


Main features of the program

Support for non-periodic schedules.

As of version 6.0, the Shift Schedule app includes full support for non-periodic schedules. This means that once the shift is created, you can edit individual days with regard to alarm times, shift type, colors etc. The non-periodic schedule may be created for one or multiple teams. After creating a multi team schedule you may consider creating a personal schedule as well. The advantage would be that you will be able to view any of the schedules but the personal schedule would be used as your main schedule for the alarm feature. Creating the personal schedule is easy as you can import your specific teams schedule from the non-periodic schedule into the personal schedule.

Color coding of shift days.

The color of each individual type of shift can be changed to suit your preference. This enables you easily distinguish the different types of shifts at a glance. The font size and color can also be changed to make it easier to read. There are also a few decorative styles to choose from including solid color, gradient etc.

Support for periodic schedules regardless of complexity.

The Shift Schedule app allows you to create a periodic schedule regardless of complexity. When creating this repeating shift pattern, you could use one of the included example schedules and edit it or you could create one from scratch. Once you have your schedule created, select a start day and the program will automatically repeat that pattern. For a multi team schedule, the other teams normally have the same pattern but offset by a few days which you also need to set by selecting a start date for each of those teams.

Moving from one shift schedule to another.

If your workplace has multiple shifts and you are moved to a different schedule, you simply go to “Preferences” and select the appropriate team. The calendar display and alarm settings will automatically update to this newly selected team.

Viewing the different schedules and teams.

The Shift Schedule app has its own “Icon bar” with five icons which amongst other functions allow easy access to view the different schedules and teams. If space allows, the icons will be displayed and for smartphones with narrow screens the “Icon bar” will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Shift Schedule alarm feature.

The Shift Schedule app has an alarm feature for the selected shift. If this alarm feature is switched on, the user does not need to keep setting the alarm as it will automatically set for the next occasion. This feature works in conjunction with the stock Android service or third-party developer services that can be set from other programs.

Monthly scrolling.

Once you are in calendar view mode, the Shift Schedule app incorporates an easy scroll feature to move back or forward in the months and different 3D-effects can be set for this in the program settings. It is also possible to switch to any set date and to return to today’s date by using the appropriate icons in the “Icon bar”.

Informative widgets.

There are five different widgets that offer various size options depending on your choice. It is possible to set different schedules on different widgets allowing you to view them all on the same screen.

Export to different formats.

The Shift schedule app allows you to export any of the schedules in various formats. These include export to Google Calendar, .CSV table which can be used by MS Excel and .XML for sharing between devices.

Incorporate holiday shifts and hourly calculations.

From version 8.0 it is possible to link your schedule to Google calendar so that public holidays will be marked and hours will be calculated taking these public holiday days into account.

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