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Version 8.7.b is available for beta testing.

An improving interface work has been started. I decided to start from replacing of the awkward pickers of date, time and color. The  previously  used date/time pickers were presented by Android OS. To my mind they are not convenient enough and require time to enter values. Moreover, you should have some dexterity to use them. More advanced dialogs are presented by Android developers in last versions of Android OS. The new dialogs were good enough to have been enthusiasts who were able to port them into older versions of Android. Therefore I decided to use  the DateTimePicker library in the the Shift Schedule.
In addition, the owners of big screens have long complained about the inability to choose a color properly. It is because color picker dialog is very uncomfortable. The library that provides this dialogue is also replaced. I hope it will be easier now. Transition to the new library will be gradual.

In addition, users were talking about the wrong behavior of the alarm clock in "snooze" mode  on the discussion forum of the program. User feedback was quite reasonable. Therefore, their wishes have been introduced in this version. I want to remember what everyone of you has the opportunity to participate in the app development. Please leave feedback about what you would like to see, or what things seems uncomfortable. All good suggestions will be taken into account.