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Shift Schedule Donation

Shift Schedule Donation Logo

Donation Key for Shift Schedule

The Shift Schedule Key for disabling the ads and unblocking some additional features.

Download Shift Schedule Donation Key

Shift Schedule Widget Pack

Shift Schedule Widget Pack Logo

Additional widgets fro Shift Schedule

The couple of additional widgets for Shift Schedule. Extremely handy and beautiful

Download Shift Schedule Widget Pack


Jull's Calendar Widget Lite

Jull's Calendar Widget Logo

Full Screen Calendar Widget for your home screen.

Simple as possible...
This is Full Screen Calendar Widget for your home screen.


Download Jull's Widget Calendar

Jull's Calendar Widget Pro

Jull's Calendar Widget Pro Logo

Tunable Full Screen Calendar Widget.


  •  User defined image as background for calendar (NEW!!!)
  •  Scrolling;
  •  Independent state for each instance;
  •  Selection color for text, background, weekends, today marker;
  •  Adjusting of transparency
  •  Start Google Calendar by tap on cell (Android 4.x);
  •  Re-sizing.

Download Julls Calendar Widget Pro

Zozulya (Hourly Beeper)

Zozulya Android App Logo

Hourly beeps during your working shift with a lunch break.

Have you heard about old Cuckoo Clock?

Program features corresponds to its name. Who knows - Zozulya is Ukrainian pronunciation of Cuckoo.

Many people, especially on their job, have something to do according to start some time interval.
The application is oriented on these people and they can use it as hourly beeper. You can set start-end shift time, and Cuckoo will beat off time intervals inside.
And what is the job without "quiet hour" - you can set quiet interval inside work time when Cuckoo will be silent.

Download Zozulya Android App

 Goog NIght (new)

Goog Night Anrdoid App Logo

Control of favorite player and radio modules with headset.

The application is primarily intended for users who like to listen to music before going to bed. Select your favorite player, or another application, and it will be launched when the headset is plugged in. In this case, it is possible to automatically turn on wi-fi. The application can be set up to  disable radios (wi-fi, mobile networks, etc) when you plug headset out.