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"Good Night." Manage your favorite player and radio modes of the phone using headset (earphones).


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What the application is able to do?

To starts-to stop the player, to disable radio modes before bedtime using headset (earphones). You may configure a gradual decrease volume during listening of music before sleeping. Both wired headset and Bluetooth (hands free) is supported.
The application is foremost intended for those who like to listen to the music overnight (before sleep). Select Your favorite player or other application, and it will run after the headset is plugged. At the same time it is also possible to automatically enable wi-fi. The application can be set so that when You disconnect the headset, automatically will also be disabled radio modes (wi-fi, mobile networks, and so on).
Running of the music application is always active, and as for disabling of the radio modes, it can be selected only for period before bedtime. The time when You go to bed, You can set by yourself or calculate from Your shifts calendar. The current shift is selected from the application «Shift Schedule»
To turn off radio modes and to stop the player is also possible after a certain period of time after the start. This is useful if You have fallen asleep.
In addition, disabling of the radio modes will take place automatically in case of the "Low Battery" signal at night.


Headset Control Enabling

The control of the headset plug is fulfilled by special service running in the background. This service is hardly consumes any resources and can run without damage for the system for a long time. To start this service, enable the checkbox "Headset Control Enabled." The service will start running. When the headset is plugged the player or another application that You choose will start running. There will also be performed actions marked as ​​ "Plug Actions."
Some of the players allow You to playback the last song immediately after the start. Thus, in order to begin listening to the music You simply need to connect (plug) the headset.

Choose your favorite player

Click on the application icon in the section "Select Player" in order to select the application that will run when the headset is connected. The list will show all the applications that are installed on Your device. Thus, it may be not only the player. For example, You can use the application to run IPay. This is PrivatBank App that allows to accept payments with the payment cards Visa / Mastercard. To read the information from the cards a special device – reader- is being used that is plugged into the audio jack of your smartphone. When connecting the reader it will be recognized as a smartphone headset. "Good night" application can be set up the way that with connected reader IPay starts t run together with wi-fi if needed. When disconnecting the reader, wi-fi disables too.

Player Settings

In this section, you can specify which actions will be performed with the player immediately after starting or before stopping. Also here you can adjust the gradual decreasing of volume to a minimum level. When you go to sleep, it's more comfortable than a constant volume. Another setting allows you to completely kill the player. This is useful because not all players react to standard signals "Pause" or "Stop". The root access is required to get this preference working.

«Plug Actions» Setting

In the section "Plug Actions" You can set the actions to be performed when the headset is connected. Mark required items. Besides the marked items, the selected application always starts to run when the headset is being plugged.

«Unplug Actions» Setting

In the section "Unplug Actions", You can set the actions to be performed when You disconnect the headset. Mark the required items. Also there is a checkbox "Before going to bed." If this checkbox is selected then all the chosen above actions will be performed only before bedtime. At other times, no action will be performed when disconnecting the headset. Sleep time can be set manually, or selected from the Alarm Clock Service. The Alarm Clock Service from the shifts calendar of the «Shift Schedule» program. Sleep time is the time period of 7 hours before the alarm goes off, or 7 hours later after the manually set time.
In those days, when the alarm clock in the work schedule is not set, the sleep time is selected from the manual settings.

Turning Off by time

In given section, You can enable the checkbox "Turn off after specified time period even if the headset still plugged." If the checkbox is enabled, then after the specified time period will be performed all the actions marked in the section "Unplug Actions." In addition, the signals will be sent to the system imitating the "Pause" button push, and the signal to stop the music player. Thus, the program will try to stop music playing. Some players, though, may ignore these signals.

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