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Google Calendar

You can export you shift calendar to your business Goolge Calendar in order to bind your working time to your other business activity. 

If you select "Google Calendar" on previous step, the dialog where you can select schedule for export will be shown.

Выбрать график для экспорт в Google Calendar

Tap on desired schedule to highight it and press "Next". 

Выбрать экспортируемую бригаду

You can export only one crew simultaneously. Select the team trom dropdown  list.

Диапазон дат для экспорта

Set the date range for which you want to do export. Note that all other records for this schedule will be deleted. If youwant just to delete records that was made earlier, set the sama dates for both date selectors.

Настройки экспорта в Гугл-календарь


Select export mode from drop-down list. The following variants are possible:

  • All day. The shifts will be marked as "All day" in the calendar include the days off. 
  • By shift time. The only shifts with given duration will be exported. So the events with begin and end time that matche with shifts time will be created. For free days shift time is not set, so they will be skiped.
  • By shift time but days off as whole day. The events with shift time will be created for working days, and the events marked as "All day" will be created for free days.
  • All day, the working shifts only.  The calendar events will be marked as "All day" but free days will be skiped.

In next step, set the account and the calendar for export and press "Finish". After a while, the shift events will appear in selected calendar.