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Export into PDF

PDF - format is de-facto standard for electronic presentation of documents. You can view such files almost everywhere, on any devices and operating systems. The PDF - viewers exits for all popular platform. The main advantage of the PDF format is that they look identical on any device. It is the reason why this format is also widely used in polygraphy.



The Shift Schedule application alows you to make export of you shift calendar into PDF file in several modes. It may be one-page PDF file with only yours crew where each month is presented as usual calendar with cells colored to shifts' colors. In second varian it might be the calendar for all crews of the schedule. In such calendar each month is presented horizontally, as in "Show all Schedules" view mode. Also as a bonus it could be a beautiful Wall Calendar. This mode allows to create loose-leaf or double-throw calendar with beautiful pictures on the top of each page.