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Support for non-periodic schedules

From version 6.0 the Shift Schedule app has full support for non-periodic schedules. It means what you can change each shift independently in the schedule. So, you can create own individual schedule and set your vacation time, sick days and so on. The better way to use Shift Schedule is use both types of schedules. Create a periodic multi-team schedule for your organization, and an individual one for yourself. Import the shifts from organization's schedule to yours according to your current team for some period of time. Use your individual schedule as your main schedule for alarm clock.

The non-periodic schedules can contains unlimited count of teams, as the periodic ones. So, all of schedule limitations are removed from version 6.0. Non-periodic schedules can be as complex as you need.

Color shift marckup

Each shift type has an assigned color. This helps to visually separate the different types of shifts in calendar. Each color can be changed from settings. In addition, you can configure the shifts decor, choosing one of the styles - gradient, solid color, etc.

Support for complex periodic schedules

The app allows you to create periodic schedules of any complexity. Periodic schedules contain shifts sequence (pattern) , which is repeating. To create a schedule, you can use the provided templates , or create your own based on any of them. Rotation period equal to the number of shifts in the pattern. Number of shifts in the pattern is not limited , so you can easily create any periodic schedule. For each shift from the template , you can specify the type and name . You can also set begin and end time , duration, alarm clock and so on. For each of the crews the template is the same, but shifted in time. You can specify the offset for each team individually.

Multi-teams schedules

Most often, during rotaging shift work, several teams are working at one workplace and periodically change each other. In that case these teams work on identical schedules which offset in time relative to one another. The Shift Schedule app, instead the majority of analogs, allows to take into account this fact naturally, and allows easily to switch over not only between schedules, but also between crews (teams) inside one schedule.

Easy switching between schedules and teams

Shift Schedule uses an Action Bar for navigation. It means what some of menu items are presented as icons. If there are some space for icon on main screen, then it will be shown. The most of smartphones screen are narrow. In these cases additional action bar will be created in the bottom of the screen. Up to five icon maybe placed here. You can switch between the schedules and the teams by using these icons.

Shift's alarm clock

Shift Schedule has built-in alarm clock, tied to shift of the shift pattern. So, the users do not need to worry about having to remember to turn the alarm clock on for next shift - the program will do it for them. The presence of an alarm clock for such programs is not something special. The feature is that you can also use an external one. For example, the stock Android alarm clock or alarm clock from third-party developers, which supports the shwitching on from other programs.

Handy month scrolling with 3D effects

The app uses a handy month scrolling feature. You can configure different 3D-turning effect in the program settings. Transition to arbitrarily specified date are supported. You also have the icon which you can use for returning to today's date.

Informative widgets

Shift Schedule has five kinds of informative widgets. Widgets has different sizes to choose the most convenient for you. You can set different schedules and teams for each widget. Thus, you can see multiple schedules on one screen.