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The apps's existence, its appearance, functions and features have become so largely only thanks to all of you. Members give the program a lot of ideas, which leads to its further development. You can directly influence the further development of the program. Also, very important are your comments, and reports about crashes and abnormal behavior.

The program gradually acquires new features that, unfortunately, sometimes complicates its use. Especially for new users. This site has a user's manual, but it highlights not all features of the program. If you have any questions about using the program, you can write on one of the forums of the program, or in one of the communities in social networks.

Communities and Forum Threads

  • Official Facebook Page. It's main source of news, tips&tricks, advices for people from around the World.
  • Support thread on 4pda.ru forum . Perhaps this is the main discussion area of the app. In this forum you will find information about many aspects of the program usage. You can find answers to questions about why this or that feature implemented so. Also, this thread is just a treasure trove of ideas for the development. If you have any ideas, or if you believe that a particular feature must be implemented by another way, make post in this forum for discussion.
  • +Page in Google+. Page wich is connected to this site, within the Google "My Business" project. Having subscribed for this page, you will always be aware of that happens with the program.
  • Google+ Commutity. Here you can be connected to discussion of the app, and ask any questions what interest you. Also subscribing to this page, you will not miss any important news, the announcements or the remarks about the found problems. Besides, members of this community may be connected to testing of alpha and beta versions of the program (see below).
  • VKonakte Group. There is a bit of users here, but if you like Vkontakte more than, for example, Google+, you can join the group to receive certain news or to have a buck at the discussion. You can also ask any question about the program.
  •  Facebook Group. Yet also has no members, but if you are using Facebook as юр main social networks, connect please. If the group will get some members, I will start to support it.
  • My Twitter account. Subscribe to get news.
  • Xda developers forum. Designed primarily for English-speaking users. If you speak English, I will be grateful for the maintenance of the discussion on this thread.

Testing new versions

The program is constantly evolving, the code takes ​​various changes. Sometimes some parts of the program are fully rewritten. I'm working on the app almost single-handedly, so I have no way to test everything. But not all that bad - Google Play provides an opportunity to test the alpha and beta versions of software with help of users.

For this purpose I publish a beta-version of the app on Google Play, and I appoint Google+ community as testers group. The users of the community who connected to testing receive program updatings. It is natural what something goes wrong in beta, and I will receive your crash-repports, responses and letters. Thus, I have an opportunity to check if the app works correctly before publishing the working version of it. Testers, in turn, receive updatings before all, and have possibility of direct influence on program development. During development I will consider remarks and proposals of people who participate in testing first.

It is very simple to start testing. The first that it is necessary to make - join to ours Google+ community:


Then, follow the link and 


In case I will publish the next beta version, the app on your device will be updated. Please make response about new version in our community.

Happy Testing :)