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Good night - a new application that is compatible with the Shift Schedule.


The constant chase of mobile manufacturers for megahertz and a huge diagonal more often brings to the fore the issues of power optimization. In personal practice we can see that manufacturers (producers) do not always pay enough attention to this issue. New modern devices, having excellent characteristics in terms of performance, sometimes cannot cope with such a simple task, as only survive until morning with switched on wi-fi. For example, I like to listen to the Internet radio before going to sleep. In the previous smartphone the 20% of battery charge was more than enough to let me listen to the music for 30-40 minutes and then easily run until the morning. The new smartphone is sometimes barely copes with it, even if in the evening there was more than a half of the battery charge. Taking into account the enabled alarm clock that will not work if the phone is off, listening to the music before sleep becomes quite risky.
  This is one of the reasons for this application to be created. The best way to limit the power consumption - disable all radio channels that was implemented in the program called "Good night." It is enough to get the headphones, and all selected radio channels (wi-fi, Bluetooth, mobile networks) will be disabled.
  In addition, the application also solves such a problem as starting Your favorite player. As for me, I use Tune In Radio. Now when connecting the headset, it starts automatically. This radio is able to automatically start playing after it’s on. Thus, to begin listening to the music, all You have to do is simply insert the earphones. Another useful feature – switch off after a certain time, in case the person falls asleep.
  This program is also being used together with such thing as: IPay. For those who don’t know this is PrivatBank application that allows payments with payment cards Visa or Mastercard. To read the information from the cards is being used a special device – reader- that plugs into the audio jack of your smartphone.
  When connecting the reader it will be recognized as a smartphone headset. "Good night" application can be set up the way that with connected reader IPay starts t run together with wi-fi if needed. When disconnecting the reader, wi-fi disables too.
  Another special feature of the "Good night" program is the fact that time of Your sleep can be determined from the shift calendar. It requires the latest, the 9th version of the application "Shift Schedule".
   In one of the future versions is planned to make it possible to control various phone modules (sound, wi-fi, bluetooth, mobile networks), depending on the shifts roster. That is, to attach specific actions to the shift schedule, regardless of the headset.
  Which functions should be supported, hopefully, will be suggested by our users.