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Urgent Update Required

Unfortunately, there are several critical bugs found in all 8.x versions. Urgent  measures was required to eliminate them quickly.
List of the fixed bugs:

  • Bug in editing empty shifts of non-periodic schedules  fixed. When you click on an empty cell in an individual schedule, a dialog with list of shifts should be appear. The list contains the shifts, which already are presented in schedule.  You can quickly add new shift from the list into empty cell. The bug was what an editor for editing of empty shift was shown instead of the shift list.
  • Adding of periodic schedules when you open new files with "Shift Schedule" bug fixed. If you have received the schedule file on your device (via bluetooth, for example), click on the file in file manager. Then select "Shift Schedule" in "Open with" dialog which will be appeared. The function was not working correctly for non-periodic schedules.
  • The way to count hours for days off, sick days, holidays was corrected. Now the hours for such days are taking to account, if the shift duration is set manually. According to user opinions, in some cases it is necessary to be able to add working hours on weekends, days off, sick days, etc. So the counting algorithm was corrected. Now if you set for "Count as" shift preference one of "Manual" values, the hours will be taken to account.  If the value for days off is set to one of "This day" or "Next day", the shift duration will not be counted.

Also, an export to PDF is working in test mode. You can read about it in the previous news. The export still work only in test mode, and only for 2015.
Finally,  work on the "Share" feature has been started. The menu "Schedule" have a "Share" item, but it does not work yet.