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Create a New Schedule

Menu - Schedule - Create or Menu - Create New Schedule.
Schedule Creation Wizard will be opened.

Schedule is created in step-by-step mode, using a wizard.

Выбрать тип графика

Schedule Types:

  • Periodic schedule is a multi-teams schedule, which contains predefined pattern, that is cyclically repeated. It is created from template.
  • Individual schedule is one-team schedule, where you can edit each shift independently. Use the schedule as personal addition for your company periodic schedule. Make import of shifts from periodic into individual personal schedule according to your current crew.Also you can use it as individual schedule, by set different shifts.
  • Non-periodic multi team - the schedule, which is created from periodic template, but allows editing each shift independently for every team.

After selecting the type of schedule, choose the template from the available set, or an existing schedule (in case you create individual schedule). If list does not contain your schedule, select the most similar one, You will be available to change it in the next steps.

Выбрать шаблон графика работы

In case you create multi-team schedule, the template editor will be shown on next stage. The editor allows you to edit the selected template. You can change or add  shifts, crews, or even the payment days.

Редактировать шаблон графика

Edit the shift pattern by drag shift cells left or right to duplicate the shifts, or in up direction to delete. You can see the result in the schedule table below.

Переместить удалить смену

To edit shift, tap on cell in template, the shift editor will be opened.

Press on "+" cell in the end  to add shift of new type to template.

To adding shift which are presented in the pattern yet, just hold it and drag to the new place. The shift will be copied.

For moving shift to another place, copy it by dragging left or right, and then delete source shift by dragging it up.

There is a crew list under the schedule table. You can set the first shift date for crew, or just move schedule left or right with arrows. You can add as many crews as you want. Tap on "+" button to add new crew (team). The team editor will be opened.

Set team name,  team short name (use one symbol) ans begin date.

The short name is used in "Working teams" additional indication mode. If you left this field blank, the crew's serial number will be used to identify the crew.

The begin date means the date, the rotation of template shifts will start from.The pattern's first shift will be set on this date. As usual, you need set different dates for each of crews.

Beside that, you can also add the payment days here. There may be any number of items with any period in list. Press on "$" button to open payment days list.

If list is empty, you will se an add button. If list contains some items yet, use context menu to add, remove or edit items. To call context menu, press and hold an item.

Редактирование дней зарплаты

You need set the begin date and repeat mode for payment day.