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Getting started

Using Shift Schedule to set up your first shift schedule, enabling the alarm function and changing a shift day colour.

The majority of shift schedules follow a set pattern which is repeated. In this example, the shift pattern (D S N F F) is repeated so we just need to create that portion.

Real example of shift schedule.
Year 2014
Month October
Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Team 1 D S N - - D S N - -
Team 2 - D S N - - D S N -
Team 3 - - D S N - - D S N
Team 4 N - - D S N - - D S
Team 5 S N - - D S N - - D
D Day shift, from 5 to 13
S Afternoon (swing) shift, from 13 to 21
N Night shift, from 21 to 5
- Free

Let us set up the above shift schedule,
Open the Shift Schedule program and if no previous schedule has been created you will be prompted to create one.

Press the Menu icon (Far right) and select “New Schedule (Test)”

The shift that we need to create is for a Periodic (Repeating) Multi-team so select that option and tap “Next”

A few examples are displayed and any one can be chosen but the closer the match the less work it will be to program the new shift schedule. Let us choose “3 shifts 5 teams” for this exercise. Once selected, tap “Next”

The top row of days represent the current shift schedule which needs to be modified so that it represents the new shift schedule. Delete all unnecessary shift days by performing a long press on the day and dragging upwards. In order to change the order of the days, long press and move the day left or right.

The shift days of our schedule is now in the correct order, but we need to modify certain shift parameters.

Tap on the “D” shift to view the current naming etc. and edit where necessary. Ensure “Enable alarm” is ticked and set the alarm time for 04h00. Change the shift start and end times to 05h00 and 13h00 respectively. Select “OK”.

Do the same for the “S”, “N” and “Off” shift days where needed.
Our schedule is now complete but we need to set the start of the repeating pattern for each team to correspond to the actual date as per the example. To move any schedule left or right, use the arrow buttons on the calendar and once done, tap “Next”.


Change the schedule name at the top to “My first schedule” and select “Finish”
In order to display our new schedule, tap the third icon and select “My first schedule”.
Now we need to enable the application so that the alarm function will work. Select “Menu” and select “preferences”. Tick “Switch on”. Now select the correct schedule by selecting “My first schedule” and select the correct team that you are on. Once you exit, the alarm will set. On most Android devices it will display the alarm in your notifications. Once the alarm is triggered and silenced, the next alarm automatically displays.

The shift colors are dependent on the shift types and are the same for all schedules but can be changed to suit your preference. To change a shift colour, select “Menu” and select “Preferences”. Scroll down and tap on “Appearance” and then select Shift type colour”. Press on the shift type and set the colour to your preference.

Many other features are available including, sliding animation effect, text color and size, etc. See the full user’s manual for details.