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Periodic Schedule Editor

Analysis of the schedule

Let's assume you work for an enterprise in the 3 shifts and 5 crews schedule. Let's further assume the schedule looks as follows:

Shift Schedule for enterprise - 3 shifts, 5 crews.

Let's analyze the basic properties of this schedule. This is the periodic shift pattern, whose period equals 5 days long and it is shown in the Table as the gray background.

The full period contains the following shifts:

Day Shift (I)
Night Shift (II)
Day Off (-)
Day Off (-)
Day Off (-)
and then repeats the sequence.

April, 2013
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Team A I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - -
Team B - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - -
Team C - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II -
Team D - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II
Team E II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I II - - - I
(I) - Day shift from 7:00 to 19:00, (II) - Night Shift from 19:00 to 7:00, (-) - Day Off.



Schedule contains five teams for full 24/7 coverage. The Shift Patterns for the teams are the same, but offset in time. The main   feature of the "Shift Schedule" app is a support for such multi-crews schedules and maybe it is the best thing what the app does. All you need to do is to specify the date of the shift pattern start for each team. In this shedule the start of the period is the Day Shift. According to the Table, the start dates for each team are:

  • Team A - 1.04.2013
  • Team B - 2.04.2013
  • Team C - 3.04.2013
  • Team D - 4.04.2013
  • Team E - 5.04.2013


Now we have everything we need. Let's create the schedule.

Create new schedule

Let's take a look at the creation of schedule from start.

Create the new schedule. To do this, press the menu and choose Preferences -> Setup Schedules.

The window with the list of available schedules will open. Press an "+" icon to create the new schedule.

Создание графика

Enter the name of the new schedule and press the "OK" button. After that the new schedule will appear in the list.

Создание графика
Создание графика

The new schedule has been created, now we will edit it.

Edit Shift List

Touch the new schedule name to open the Schedule Editor. It has several tabs, the first that we need is the "Shifts".

Создание графика

The new schedule contains the most typical shifts from start, to make the process easier.

According to the Table, our schedule contains only the day shifts, the night shifts and the days off. So we need to remove swing shift from list.

Press and hold "Swing Shift" item (make long click) until the context appears.

Создание графика

This opened menu lists the actions that can be applied to the item. Such context menus can be displayed for all lists in the editor. For our example, we need to remove the Swing Shift, so we press the "remove" item.

Создание графика

Now the list contains only shifts that we need. Our schedule sequence contains three "Day Off" shifts at the end. Use the long-press to bring up the context menu and chooses to Duplicate two more copies of the 3 Day Off shifts.

Создание графика
Создание графика

Edit Shifts

Touch the shift which we want to edit to open the Shift Editor.

Создание графика

For day shift, complete the fields as follows:

  • Enter Shift Name: Day
  • Shift Short Name: I
  • Select Shift Type: Selected the Day Shift for editing purposes
  • Alarm Settings: Check the Enable Alarm and set the time for 5:00 so we would have plenty of time to get ready
  • Shift Time: Start Time is set for 7:00, End Time is set for 19:00, Count as This Day
  • Duration: Count Automatically is checked


Edit the rest of shifts according to the Table.

Создание графика

Now our list of shifts looks precisely like we need.

Edit Teams

Now we have to adjust the teams (crews). Go to the Teams tab. Four crews are created by default, and now we need to add one more. Use long-press and select "Create".

Создание графика
Создание графика

To edit the crew set the name and the first shift date from the list we have created from our source Table. Don't forget to press "OK" for saving results. Edit the rest of teams to get the list which will look as follow:

Создание графика

Here we are ready - we can start using our schedule! Return back to the main window and switch over to the created schedule.

Создание графика

To check, whether everything is correct, select the "Show All Schedules" item from menu, and verify with the initial table.

Создание графика

Final Notes: Be sure to check out the Preferences to fine tune the appearance you prefer, enable the alarm, use other alarm options, and any other options you can use to customize the app.