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Version 9.1 - alarm screen appearance has been changed.

Judging by the questions arising on the forums, and coming to the email, not everyone knows that the appearance of the Alarm window can be configured. In the settings you can specify how the window will look like  - standard view, big button "Snooze" or big button "Dismiss".

In previous versions, the standard view was used by default (it shown on first screenshot). Both buttons were light gray colour on a dark gray background. It was not clear in the morning, what button you should press. In the new version the alarm window is painted in different colors. Also an icon added to  "Dismiss" button. A new window is darker and does not dazzle the eyes. Different colors of the buttons will not make the wrong choice of necessary button.

In addition, the screen with big  "Snooze" button is used now by default, what is more convenient.

Do not oversleep :)