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Wall Shift Calendar in PDF - format.

Do you want to create a wall calendar with your Shift Roster?
All users will have this opportunity soon. Nowadays this function works in test mode and is available for users who joined to the testing. Read about joining to the testing on the "Feedback" page. New export format allows to create A4-size PDF calendar. Each page will contain the shift schedule for one month with a picture at the top of the page. You can create such a calendar by yourself and decorate your room or office with this useful thing. Moreover this is a good present for the boss.
The following features are ready now:

  • Exporting the schedule table into PDF for all teams.
  • Inserting user images to calendar from sdcard.
  • Selecting the shift roster for export.
  • Selecting file to save the result.

To try the feature, you first have to download the archive of top images from here:.
Download the archive file and and unpack it to the root of your sdcard. The "wallCalendar" folder will be appeared on sdcard. The folder will contain the twelve images, the one per month. You can use your own images by replacing the original ones as long as the naming convention and width of the images as the same as the original.
To create a pdf-calendar, select Menu - Export - PDF, and then click "Next." Select the schedule for export and filename to save the result (default is /sdcard/export.pdf). 
The generated PDF will be appeared in selected place in a few minutes.
The result should be approximately like this: download the test sample.

The next versions:

  • Selecting calendar themes (if somebody will design them).
  • Selecting a year.
  • Holidays displaying.
  • Printing the schedule as common calendar if  it contains only one team. Thus paint the day cell according to shift type.
  • Adding week days and week numbers to multi team schedules.

If you have some queries or suggestions,  please make post to support forums or Google+ community. The links are in the feedback page of the site.